• Everybody’s Chest No.1/2/3 Sales!

    2015/03/03 ~ 2015/03/10

  • Monster’s Carnival Event

    2015/02/24 ~ 2015/03/10

  • Master of Shadows, Assassin update!



Everybody’s Chest No.1/2/3 Sales!
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! This week is our last week of Everybody’s Chest sales and we are going to give you a last chance of buying them one last time before it gets removed from our store! There’s no loss of your money spent on this bo...
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Finished - Scheduled Maintenance, March 3
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! We will be performing a Scheduled Service Maintenance on March 3, 2015 (UTC). Further details regarding the maintenance are listed below for your reference. [Sevencore Maintenance Details] Period: March 3 07:00 ~ 09:00 UTC (2 hours) *Please note that the given time is su...
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Connectivity issue compensation BUFF event
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! To compensate previous connectivity issue due to DDoS attack, we are going to hold 50% EXP/GOLD/ITEM DROP event for 24 hours from February 25, 2015 09:00 UTC. We will try our best to prevent any similar issues. Thank you SEVENCORE Support Team
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Resolved - DDoS issue on US IDC
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! We are currently experiencing connection issue on US IDC. The issue is caused by a DDoS attack to the US IDC and we are diligently trying to resolve it. Some players may experience connection issues. We will do our best to reolve the issue and update progress for the iss...
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Resolved - Temporary disable on Wcoin purchase
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! Maintenance on billing page has been extended and Wcoin purchase options have been disabled till February 24, 10:00 UTC You can use your Wcoin balance during the maintenance, but cannot charge wcoins through the Wcoin page. Thank you SEVENCORE Support Team
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Monster’s Carnival Event
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! There has been a rumor going around the town that monsters around Inadar are having a ceremony to open a portal to bring in stronger monsters. If it’s true, we should stop it at all cost! Hunt them and bring me ...
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Everybody’s Chest No.3 Sales!
Greetings, Heroes of Inadar! This February, people around the world would enjoy their special festivals, such as Carnivals, Lunar New Year’s day etc. However, some people would not have nothing special. We thought it would be great to have ...
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